Improving childhood education
throughout the UK and UAE

Training and consultancy for early years and school teachers
International research has proved it beyond doubt. Early childhood education and care exert a huge impact upon a child’s education, health and protection. Nor does the impact stop there. Indeed, the quality of its education affects the entire social capital and economic prosperity of a nation.

Academic studies also show that the earlier a child is exposed to stimulation and learning opportunities, the better their development, learning outcomes and social function later in life. This also extends to how soon they receive appropriate health, nutrition, care and protection,

What does it all mean for you? Simple. Research indicates that high quality early childhood education and care are paramount. They play a pivotal role in enhancing the educational and health outcomes of young children.

Lemon Tree can advise on programmes and techniques to enhance the quality of your teaching at this critical stage. It means you can give your learners the best possible start.

Teacher training is a critical activity, but standards can vary greatly worldwide. For assured quality, Lemon Tree can advise you on the full range of UK teacher training qualifications. These include Award, Certificate and Extended Certificate in Education and Training.

We can also guide you on progression routes and continued professional development. This includes higher-level qualifications and subject specialist MA modules.

Sound strategic planning is the key to success in any venture, particularly in the early stages. Lemon Tree can provide the essential professional advice start-up nurseries and schools need. We can also implement a range of proven strategies for managing change and improving efficiency in established institutions.

Of course, early years education is highly specialised. Nobody appreciates this more than Lemon Tree. We have a wide range of activities to support professionals in this critical area, whether they’re nursery managers, school departmental heads or co-ordinators. They include nurturing leadership skills, improving communication, assessing your workforce, identifying current skills and areas for improvement and planning fresh approaches to teaching and learning.

These are just some of the ways Lemon Tree can help improve the quality of your early years education and care. Contact us now to discover more.


Creating a positive environment for learning is critical, and Lemon Tree can identify the ways to achieve this. We can also help you develop the right strategies for teaching classroom behaviour.

There’s no escaping it. Parents are a vital part of the learning equation. Lemon Tree can show you how to develop effective models for partnership with parents. This creates a valuable extra source of support for your teaching, and secures the best possible outcomes for your children.

Successful teaching has to start with a thorough understanding of how children build their knowledge. We can examine key child development and learning theories in this key area. Most importantly, we can introduce the Early Years Foundation Stage - EYFS - into primary education. This is a four key principled approach to young children's care and education and the seven areas of learning and development that underpin the curriculum.

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