Improving childhood education
throughout the UK and UAE

Seminars and workshops for teachers
As you know, there is more to successful teaching than actual teaching. Supporting and tracking the development of young children is paramount. You must make sure they are all making good overall progress. Reviewing their performance and looking at ways to improve are essential tasks. Lemon Tree offer a range of seminars and workshops to help you do just that.

Supporting children’s and young people’s positive behaviour

Contributing to development in early childhood

Creating positive environments to enhance learning and holistic development

Using appropriate teaching and learning strategies

Understanding the principles and practice of assessment

In truth, early childhood education - and, indeed, adult education – contain a huge range of specialist areas that benefit from a closer look. And, quite possibly, you’ll have your own specific needs that you wish to focus on. In which case a bespoke programme may be the best solution. At Lemon Tree we’re happy to tailor a programme to meet your exact requirements, whether they are for individual pupils, a class or your whole school. Just call to discuss your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for new knowledge, fresh understanding or more polished teaching skills, we’re here for you.

Similarly, if you already have a good idea for a seminar or workshop, again, get in touch with Lemon Tree. We pride ourselves on being open to new ideas and perspectives. While if you’re looking for inspiration, you could visit, the website of CACHE, the Council for Awards in Care, Health and Education and the UK’s leading specialist awards organisation. Simply look at their level 2 and 3 CYPW specifications, and select the subjects you feel are most relevant for a seminar or workshop. You can also search for qualifications for individual staff members.

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