Improving childhood education
throughout the UK and UAE

The client
A non-profit charity organisation, the Manchester Chinese Centre serves both the Chinese and British communities in the North West of England. Essentially, it was founded to promote understanding and awareness of Chinese culture in the UK. To this end, the Centre has enjoyed considerable success, working with local residents and providing Chinese language courses, interpreting services, workshops and cultural events.

The requirement
The Centre wanted to open a nursery but needed guidance on how to do this. It’s important to appreciate that the service is staffed entirely by volunteers.

The solution
Hawwa Haide was able to train Centre staff in all vital early years education skills and generally provide the advice and support necessary to get the operation up and running. Lemon Tree was also instrumental in securing all-important OFFSTED regulation. Where there was once just an empty ground floor and some untrained staff, there is now a thriving, fully operational nursery. Equally important, there’s a team of well qualified staff to provide the education the Chinese community needs.

As well as staff training, Hawwa provides ongoing business consultancy and support services to the Centre. Indeed, the association has proved so successful that the client now plans to expand well beyond its UK base and open premises in Beijing and Wuhan City in mainland China.

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