You train them. But who trains you?
You’re a teacher. Which means you bring learning, hope and inspiration to the new generation. In other words, you train and coach the people of tomorrow. And, in doing so, you play a huge part in determining what the world of the future will look like.

However, you train them, but who trains you? With such an important role, you also deserve the best training the world’s education systems can offer. Which is where Lemon Tree comes in.

Lemon Tree is a Management and Training Consultancy dedicated to transforming the quality of education. Which we mean help improve teacher training at all levels from early years to nineteen year olds to vocational training. What’s more, we can support teachers in regions from the UK to the UAE and beyond.

Through intuitive, creative and essentially personal consultancy and guidance, we aim to raise the bar in education and make sure teachers receive the training they need. Take a tour around our website, then contact Lemon Tree to discuss in more detail how we can help you.

'It all begins with the learners …' UK standards, local understanding

Helping nurseries, schools and adult learning
Mentoring and coaching for teachers
Planning for businesses to grow
Improving classroom behaviour
Working with parents
Getting started with UK Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS)

'Opportunities for growing and learning in a safe environment should be maximised'

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What do our clients say?

  • I have known Ms. Hawwa Haide for more than fifteen years. During these years I have known her as a well-mannered person with exemplary personal qualities. I have known her as an example for a good Muslim. With respect to her work expertise in the field of child education and teacher training, she is one of the pioneers in this area. Ms. Hawwa has a long experience in the field of educational management, including administrative and educational aspects. Ms. Hawwa is also well informed and familiar with all the regulations and recommendations of the British Ministry of Education. With regard to teacher training she is one of the front-runners in this area. Over the years she has supervised the training of many teachers. Ms. Hawwa is known for her tolerance, patience and ability to deal with difficult situations. She is also well aware of all the psychological and educational aspects necessary for success in the field of education. Ms. Hawwa is very good in passing on these experiences to her trainees. I am very pleased to recommend and act as a reference to Ms. Hawwa Haide. If you have any queries about Ms. Hawwa, please feel free to contact me at any time

    Ahmed Elgindy

  • ‘Hawwa has been a wonderful tutor for us over the past couple of years and had a professional approach to teaching, receiving excellent learner feedback and reviews. We are proud to have had Hawwa as part of our team.’

    Jack Leighton

  • As my first teacher in the UK, I will remember Hawwa till the rest of my life. Due to her dynamic and inclusive approach to teaching, her enthusiasm, her supportive role and genuine care even long after being her student, I could regain my confidence quickly after immigration and start working as an EFL teacher again. Thanks to her high standards of teaching, I got a good picture of UK classroom standards and priorities, which I could hardly get through reading the books in this regard.

    Safoora Mahmoodi

  • التاريخ: 10 يوليو 2016 هـ الموضوع: خطاب تزكية إلى من يهمه الأمر ،، السيدة الفاضلة حواء حايد معروفة لي منذ أكثر من خمسة عشر عاما . خلال هذه السنوات تميزت السيدة حواء بالأخلاق الحميدة والصفات الكريمة ، وعرفناها نموذجا للمسلم الحق. فيما يتعلق بتخصصها في مجالي تعليم الأطفال ، وتدريب وتأهيل المعلم ، فهي من الرواد في هذا المجال. السيدة حواء تتمتع بخبرة طويلة في مجال ادارة المدارس التعليمية ، بما تشمله من نواحي ادارية ، أو نواحي تعليمية ، فهي على دراية كاملة بكل اللوائح والتوصيات الصادرة عن وزارة التعليم البريطانية . أما في مجال تدريب المعلم (خاصة المعلمات) فهي صاحبة سبق في هذا المجال ، حيث تخرج على يديها العديد من المعلمات على مدار السنين ، وهي من المشهود لهم بحسن التصرف والقدرة على استيعاب واحتواء الأمور. هي كذلك على دراية واسعة بالنواحي النفسية التربوية الضرورية للنجاح في مجال التعليم ، وهي تحسن إكساب هذه الخبرات لمن تقوم بالإشراف على تدريبهم. أنا سعيد جداً لتقديم هذه التزكية وسعيد بكوني مرجعاً للسيدة حواء حايد. بالإمكان الاتصال بي بدون تردد للحديث عن حواء ، وعن مهاراتها ، وخربتها الممتدة لسنوات

    مع خالص التقدير، د. أحمد الجندي استاذ بجامعة ليـدز – بريطانيا

  • I attended a course tutored by Hawwa in April 2016. The first impressions. Hawwa radiates genuine honest warmth and natural likeability, that helps the student just feel welcome and relaxed. Her teaching style makes every body feel included and valued, without being regimented or stuffy. Within the first week of the course, our class felt more like a family than a group of strangers undertaking a qualification.

    Just a short email to say Thank you for the Course the Award in Education and Training. This on my CV has led to me being offered a Job today working for the Welfare to Work program ( specifically the longer term unemployed with potential barriers and support needs. As a people person with empathy for all Individuals, I believe I can make a difference in this role. With Kindest Regards

    Mike Young